Color Run

Yesterday I ran the best race EVER! The color run is a 5k race in which everyone wears white and ends up colorful from head to toe at the end!


This is our team before the race! We called ourselves team “That’s what she said!” On the front of our shirts, we had TWSS jokes related to running. Cute, huh? Colby came to take pictures of us.


Ahh… nice and clean- pristine!


I wore the bandana to keep my hair from staining. It was a choice between that and oiling it up with olive oil. Had I known, I would have oiled up my armpits. Today I have one stained pink and the other purple Surprised smile At every kilometer of the race, volunteers covered us with colorful powder. This is me after four blasts of color.


Our whole team looked really awesome!



As if this wasn’t colorful enough, we had a color festival at the finish line to cover up all the white spots we had left.


Thoroughly colored! And SO happy!! I felt like a little kid again Smile I can’t wait to run this race again next year. I was reluctant to clean up, but getting dusted off by a leaf blower was good times! 


Look! My shirt was almost completely clean after a quick blow. That’s what she said! 3.1 miles of running worked up an appetite, so Colby and I went out for a tasty breakfast afterward. I was craving Maple Tree Cafe. They have delicious scrambles and gooey apple fritters- very indulgent! I looked a little dirty and homeless at the diner, but I wore my traces of color like a badge of honor. Maybe some people were looking funny at me, but I couldn’t take my eyes off this great breakfast:


mmmmmm… this southwestern scramble probably had three times as many calories as I burned during the race, but it was perfect: spicy, cheesy, and melty with crispy hash browns. What a great day!

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