Perfect Protein Pancakes

Ok, so I couldn’t wait to share this with you this morning! Get ready for the BEST protein pancakes you’ve ever had! These are seriously fluffier than regular buttermilk pancakes. But first, let me fill you in on some other good stuff. Last night, Colby and I went out for dinner at Nacho Daddy in Henderson. I was really skeptical about this restaurant, but we had a Groupon. Anyway, Groupon or not, I’m so glad we checked this place out! It was much tastier than the corny name suggests. Colby had the appetizer sized tostada nachos. I had to sneak a few bites because these were LOADED with fat flavor! They’re a feast for the eyes, too:


My mexi-Cobb salad didn’t disappoint eiether! Tender grilled chicken, bell peppers, cucumber, pico de gallo, cheese, black beans, and tortilla crisps on a bed of chopped romaine tossed in thyme vinaigrette… Can’t get much better than that with a salad!


We will definitely be going back to Nacho Daddy to try more of their nacho and salad creations. The dinner entrees are a bit steep at $18-$20 per plate, but the appetizers and salads range from $8-$11 or so. If you’re a local, check this place out! You can preview the menu here.

Last night’s delicious dinner fueled me up for a 6am run with some of my RAW fitness friends. We jogged a little over 4 miles on a hilly mountain trail called Amargosa. They are such a great group to work out with!


I tested out my new heart rate monitor this morning, too. I like that it estimates how many calories I burned based on height, weight, age, gender, and HR… And I LOVE that it told me I burned 634 calories this morning! I earned myself a big ol’ breakfast! On the drive home, I decided pancakes or waffles would be on the menu for sure.

We have some Bisquick in the fridge to satisfy sudden waffle cravings, but I was feeling a bit more creative today. I wanted to use some power foods in my breakfast: oats, egg whites, blueberries, and whey protein. From there I concocted a stellar pancake recipe (slightly adapted from fitnessista)


Perfect Protein Pancakes


-2 tbs ground instant oats
-1 egg white (3 tbs egg whites)
-1.5 scoops vanilla whey protein
-1/4 c almond milk
-1 tsp cinnamon
-3/4 tsp baking powder
-dash of nutmeg
-dash of sea salt
-splash of vanilla extract


1. Combine dry ingredients and whisk in wet ingredients.

2. Cook on a lightly greased skillet for 2 mins per side. Top with blueberries, maple syrup, banana… Whatever you like! Makes 2 pancakes.


Yup, these were perfect! Light, fluffy, sweet, and super filling! I won’t be running back to the fridge for a snack anytime soon. Enjoy!


Speaking of running to the fridge, check out this sad but true statement about Facebook:


Can you relate? Ever since I joined a FB group with my workout friends, I find myself checking back frequently to see what they have to say. I really need to cut back on how often I’m checking my FB app!

2 thoughts on “Perfect Protein Pancakes

  1. That looks delicious! I want to try so many of your recipes I think I have to start one at a time though due to budget reasons.
    As for Facebook yea I did check it a lot as well, but now I only allow myself once a day because I actually get things done :-)

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