The Park Vista Love Nest

Hello! Colby has been hogging up the computer for school work a lot lately, but I finally got my hands on it! It’s a beautiful Monday morning in Summerlin! 70 degrees and clear. In our new apartment we have sunshine coming in through the windows in the morning. It really gives me a positive outlook on the day when everything is bright and glowing. Colby and I spent the better part of Sunday napping, so I woke up super duper early today. I’m excited to finally show you a few iPhone snapshots of our new place!

First off, the kitchen:



And the breakfast bar:




Here’s a closer look at some art on the walls:






This is our living room, featuring Colby Smile






Check out the adorable balcony! We have a partial view of the Las Vegas strip:




This is our bathroom:






…and our bedroom!



We love our new apartment! It’s still a work in progress, but it’s looking pretty good for only being lived in for about three weeks. Thanks for checking it out!

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