Elevation Training Part 1

Just got back from the first part of today’s adventure! First we took a ride down a dirt road in the bed of a pickup truck.


We got to a beautiful trailhead!


We hiked to a pond and caught a snake.



Then we built a fort out of logs and stones (photo to come…) and learned to eat dandelions and ants for survival ;)


After a jog through the forest, we had a workout consisting of push-ups, jumping jacks, Russian twists, and sprints up a hill.

We hiked back out and rode the pickup to the lodge… Almost. Just when I thought it was over, we started on a follow the leader obstacle course set up in the forest!

We ran up and over and under logs, up a net, up a rope (!!! First time ever !!!), up a hill with logs, and flipped some tractor tires. Finally it’s time for lunch!

Maybe we’ll get some horseback riding in!


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