Easy Nectarine Bellini Sorbet

Did you know it’s really easy to make your own sorbet without an ice cream maker? All you need are a blender, a freezer, and a shallow baking dish.


This pretty pink sorbet is made from white nectarines and champagne. You can use peaches and moscato too!

4 nectarines, very ripe
1 cup champagne or moscato (can use white grape juice if non-alcoholic)
Honey, to taste

1. Blend pitted nectarines and champagne in a powerful blender until smooth. Add honey if desired and blend again to combine.
2. Pour the mixture into a shallow baking dish or ice cube trays and freeze for at least 2 hours (unless using frozen peaches, then you don’t have to wait as long!)
3. Blend the frozen chunks again to turn them into a sorbet consistency. If you use frozen fruit, you can skip the freezing and re-blending and just eat the sorbet after step 1!


This pink sorbet is so refreshing! If you use ripe fruit, it doesn’t even need honey! Enjoy and experiment with your own flavor combinations.

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