Quest Bar Apple Pie a la Mode

After seeing multiple Instagram posts about the new cookies and cream Quest Bars last week and finding an awesome deal on, curiosity got the best of me and I finally tried what is considered the BEST protein bar on the market. So far I’ve tried cookies and cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, apple pie, and white chocolate raspberry. I’m seriously impressed with all of them! Short ingredients lists, 180-190 calories, 17 g of fiber, and 20-21 g of protein per bar… AND they taste good! The apple pie and white chocolate raspberry are my favorite flavors so far because they have less of a stevia sweetener aftertaste. These are the perfect antidote to dessert cravings this time of year (Valentine’s Day and Girl Scout cookie season…)

Without further ado, here is a great way to enjoy any Quest bar flavor decadently!

Start with the bar…

Crumble half of it into a cup…

Microwave it for 20 seconds… And top with your choice of ice cream. This one was 75% off at the Albertson’s going out of business up the street. Arctic Zero would probably be the most guilt-free choice, since it’s only 150 calories per pint and basically made of whey protein.

Enjoy the warm, melty bar with cool ice cream as your nightly bedtime treat!

Let me know if you try this with any of the other flavors! I’ve done it with white chocolate raspberry and apple pie. Both versions were absolutely divine! The apple pie bar has real apple bits and the white chocolate chunks on the raspberry bar melt when you microwave them. YUM!


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