My favorite workday breakfast

Good morning! Five days a week, my alarm goes off at 5am… And again at 5:30… And a final time at 5:39… I roll out of bed and into my workout clothes for my morning workout at the torture chamber, RAW fitness:


Luckily it only takes 10 minutes to drive to the 6 am class, so I’m able to show up before my body is fully awake and aware of what’s about to happen. The workouts are super tough, but I love them! It’s a great way to get some high intensity exercise squeezed into my schedule. Nothing wakes me up quite like a ruthless session of 8 Tabata rounds:


We did each exercise for 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off. We went through the left side of the board 4 times and then the right side 4 times. Ouch! After a killer like that, I’m ready to head home to get some protein in my body. For maximum muscle gains, you should get some protein in you within 30 minutes.

Fortunately, one of my all time favorite breakfasts is protein and veggie loaded and takes only 10 minutes to prepare! Check it out- here’s how to make easy scrambled eggs with spinach, turkey, and salsa

You’ll need:
1-2 slices of low sodium turkey breast
A handful of raw baby spinach
1 medium egg
1/3 cup of egg whites (2 egg equivalent)
1-2 tbs salsa


Start by heating some torn up turkey pieces over high heat on a pan lightly coated with cooking spray. Toss the spinach on when it starts to sizzle.


Move the spinach around for about 30 seconds; it should start to wilt quickly.


Next, crack an egg in there and add the egg whites.


Scramble it all up!


Scoop the eggs into a bowl and top with your favorite salsa. You’re ready to dig in!


After my eggs, I take a shower and get ready for work. It doesn’t take too long since I have this awesome $6 haircut thanks to Great Clips :)


There’s no better way to start the day than a SECOND breakfast to look forward to! I whip up some oatmeal and coffee for work on my way out the door. My favorite oatmeal is coaches oats with brown sugar Splenda blend and sliced almonds.


It’s easy to make, too. Just put 1/3 cups of dry oats and 1 cup of water in a bowl and microwave for 4 mins at 70% power. Top with a sprinkle of almonds and brown sugar.


I usually bring this along with me to work with a cup of coffee brewed at home.


Yum! I love a nice medium roast or breakfast blend. To make it extra special, I add a teaspoon of Almond Rocha Splenda based coffee syrup (from Cost Plus) and a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It’s like having a fancy latte every morning for a fraction of the cost and fewer than 40 calories!!


My two breakfasts come out to about 150 calories in the scramble and 200 in the oatmeal and coffee. It’s the best 350 calorie breakfast you could hope for! It’s got it all- protein, whole grains, veggies, and some healthy fats from the almonds.

What’s your favorite weekday breakfast? Do you drink coffee or tea?

One thought on “My favorite workday breakfast

  1. Yeah, I’ve seen the 5 am alarm action :) For me it’s oats musli and several cups of coffee (just drip, no fancy machine here). Oh, and no workout for breakfast either. But the spinach omelet looks awesome. I had that few times at Whole Foods and some mushrooms.

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