Easy Homemade Nutella and Nutella Cream

It really irritates my that Nutella is marketed as a healthy breakfast food. It’s not! One serving, 2 tbs, has 21 g of sugar! That’s more sugar than you’ll find in two servings of frosted flakes.

(Image source NYtimes.com)

I later discovered an alternative to Nutella- Justin’s Chocolate Almond butter and hazelnut butter. With only 7 g of sugar, it’s a healthier option to reach for when craving a chocolatey nut butter. Unfortunately, as delicious as Justin’s butters are, they’re just too expensive for me. $9.99 per jar is steep when you’re tempted to eat the whole thing at once.

(Image source swansonvitamins.com)

It recently dawned on me that I could make my own healthier version of Nutella using the almond butter I buy at Costco! For $10, you get 26 oz of nut butter instead of just 16 oz. I like that this recipe is easy to make, but it’s just labor intensive enough to discourage you from going back for more.

Here’s how to make your own single serving of homemade Nutella with only 1-2 g of sugar:

1-2 tbs (or 1 heaping spoonful) creamy almond butter
4 drops of liquid stevia (or just a tiny bit of your favorite sweetener)
1 tsp unsweetened cocoa


Combine the three ingredients in a small bowl and blend thoroughly with a spoon.


For a creamy, frosting-like variation, add 1-2 tbs of True Whip or your favorite whipped topping. You could use homemade whipped cream for this. I chose True Whip (found at Whole Foods) because it’s made from slightly better ingredients than regular Cool Whip and has only 25 calories and 2 g sugar per serving.


Wow, with the addition of whipped topping takes this treat to another level. Tastes like cool and creamy s’mores!


Keep in mind that this is still a dessert, not a health food! You could probably have it with breakfast knowing it’s a better choice than regular Nutella, but always enjoy nut butters in moderation unless you’re looking to bulk up.

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