Goat cheese, figs, balsamic reduction, and wine

It’s 8pm and 112 degrees out.. Tonight is NOT a night for a heavy meal!

Instead, I picked up some black figs, baby heirloom tomatoes, balsamic glaze, goat cheese, spinach, and wine at Trader Joe’s.

What combinations of light summer meals can you come up with using these ingredients? I had several ideas:

-baguette with goat cheese, honey, fig, and balsamic glaze

-spinach, tomato, fig, and goat cheese salad with flax oil and balsamic drizzle

-baguette with goat cheese, salami, and fig

Any other ideas? Hot Vegas nights definitely call for easy, fresh meal ideas!


Here’s the salad idea:


It’s so hot here that even the coconut oil at Trader Joe’s was liquid!!


For dessert, I have some incredibly sweet strawberries from the farmer’s market! These must have been grown in California. There’s no way berries this good came from hot desert soil!


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