Naked Fish – Sushi in Las Vegas

After a busy couple of weeks, Colby and I enjoyed a sushi date night at Naked Fish. If you’re in Las Vegas, definitely check out their happy hour menu, 5-6pm daily. For $21 you can get 3 sushi rolls and a beer, or order items a la carte. A glass of Chardonnay was $3 and a large seaweed salad was $4. I love the unique texture of seaweed salads, and while they’re high in sodium, seaweed is nutritious because it is rich in calcium, antioxidant compounds, and iodine (which isn’t present in many dietary sources!)


We also got a cucumber salad free for checking in on Yelp! You can choose between that and an order of edamame when you check in. The salad was pleasantly sweet and crunchy.


For $7 per order, I chose the yellowtail jalepeno and salmon yuzu, which were both very refreshing. The salmon was my favorite of the two because of the delicious marinade it was served in and there were more pieces included in the happy hour price!


Thr yellowtail jalepeno!


The salmon yuzu!

Colby ordered sushi rolls. The Japanese lasagna roll was served warm with melting cream cheese on top:


This one is the Roppangi roll, filled with spicy tuna and topped with more tuna and eel sauce. Delicious! 


I love that this meal was as much a feast for the eyes as it was for the taste buds! We finished off our dinner with a shared order of mochi ice cream ($4). The mango and strawberry flavors were both tasty. The also have a black sesame mochi that sounds intriguing!


Next time you’re in Vegas (with a car), head over to Naked Sushi for an awesome happy hour meal and friendly service! If you’re interested in seeing more restaurant reviews and/or healthy dining tips, please let me know!