7 Crunchy Gluten-free Snacks

Sorry for being MIA over the past few weeks! Colby and I recently bought a brand new house, so we’ve been busy learning about the home-buying process over the past few weeks. I also started a new schedule at work. I’m still adjusting to starting later and coming home after dinnertime, but I think it’ll be awesome for blogging in the morning.

When I come home late in the evening and curl up with my phone or laptop to browse houzz, I like to snack on something crunchy. Here are my latest faves for munching:

Jalepeño ranch popcorn chips… Wow! Spicy, crunchy, whole grain, amazing.

The white cheddar flavor is great if you’re craving Cheetos.

Parmesan herb popcorn bursts with flavor, too.

If you’re craving a sweet snack, try cinnamon sugar kettle corn.

If you prefer crackers, try these sea salt and almond rice rounds:

Sweet potato tortilla chips boast a lovely combo of lightly sweet and salty flavors.

Finally, my top pick for salsa dipping are these blue corn tortilla chips. They’re chock-full of quinoa and flax seeds as an added bonus!

Happy snacking! I should really get back to cooking real food, right?

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