10 foods to keep in your kitchen

On any given day, you’re bound to find these 10 foods in my kitchen! Here’s the list and why I like to keep each item on hand:

1. Almonds


23 of these nuts, 1 oz, contain 3.3 g of fiber and 6 g of protein. What’s more, they’re a filling snack that is now thought to contain only 120 calories per ounce- not 160 like we’ve always been told! Our bodies are unable to absorb them completely as they pass through our digestive system, so some granules pass through undigested. Almonds are a great portable snack! I like to enjoy them as almond butter and almond flour as well.

2. Green apples


Tangy and lightly sweet, this fruit is a staple for making green juices with spinach and kale. Green apples are rich in LDL cholesterol lowering soluble fiber and they keep for a long time compared to some other fruits.

3. Lemon juice


Can’t live without it! I use lemon juice to flavor my water everyday. It helps me to drink much more water than I otherwise would. Another potential benefit is that it creates an alkaline ash in the body to counteract naturally acid forming foods. I’m not sure that really matters much, but it makes me feel even better about drinking it!

4. Sriracha


I put this stuff on everything! It’s spicy and gives savory foods the best flavor. I use this for flavor, not nutrition, but spicy foods are thought to boost calorie burn slightly.

5. Egg Whites


This lean protein source is ready to eat in minutes. It provides easily absorbed, incredibly bioavailable protein and all the essential amino acids.

6. Quinoa


This superfood is also a complete protein source containing all nine essential amino acids! It cooks in 15 minutes, is gluten free, and contains nearly double the fiber of most other grains. Try it as mac & cheese and your mind will be blown!

7. Salmon


I like to keep canned salmon on hand because it’s convenient for last minute meals, like salmon cakes and salads. Salmon is a great source of protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, and calcium. Canned salmon is also very low in mercury, making it a safer choice than swordfish, ahi tuna, and Chilean sea bass.

8. Spinach


I get bored of using the same vegetables all the time, so I usually switch up which ones I use based on what’s in season or what I feel like cooking. Spinach is the exception. I never get tired of this nutrient packed veggie! It’s full of iron, vitamin K, potassium, and B vitamins among other nutrients. It doesn’t change the taste of foods you put it in, so it doesn’t hurt to toss a handful into every smoothie, soup, and stir-fry! At 10 calories per cup, you can really bulk up your foods with it- guilt free!

9. Onions and Garlic



These two allium vegetables provide the depth of flavor I like in all my cooking. I use them in Italian, Asian, and Hispanic inspired dishes. They are flavonoid rich to prevent heart disease, naturally anti microbial to fight infections, and packed with cancer fighting compounds.

10. Plain Greek Yogurt


Greek yogurt has twice as much protein as regular yogurt and the plain variety is so versatile! I like to use it in smoothies, desserts, and in savory dishes as a replacement for sour cream.

Ok, so I actually have 10 more foods for this list… Stay tuned! What foods do you keep on hand at all times?

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