Protein House

Hey local (and visiting) Las Vegas health nuts! There’s a unique restaurant in town you should try out.


Protein House is a fairly new restaurant in town catering to bodybuilders, fitness competitors, and athletes. It’s cool to see they don’t have a soda machine in this place! Just a water dispenser and assorted juices.


The employees are all very fit! Don’t piss off the cook, he could probably crush you. The menus are printed on cards for you to customize.


I pulled a breakfast card. I love that breakfast is served all day!


Colby went for the burger card. Check out the Muscle Boy burger! 12 oz of bison!?


While waiting for our order, we discreetly checked out the ultra fit clientele and flipped through some of the fitness and nutrition magazines stacked in the lounge area. I was really excited to get our food! This restaurant is such a neat place.


The longer we waited, the more cool stuff I started to notice. Bottles and bottles of sriracha? That must be a sign of good taste. They also have homemade reduced sugar ketchup, sugar free syrup, Truvia, and other “guiltless”condiments out. The walks are lined with signed photos of fitness competitors.

When our food came out, it didn’t disappoint! We both loved our meals. I had the PH hash (bison, sweet potato, egg whites, and veggies).


Colby had the delicious PH Burger (bison, fat free cheddar, egg whites, tomato, and lettuce on a whole wheat bun).


The bison was very juicy and flavorful.. and how did they get the fat free cheese to melt so well? I’d definitely come back here for a healthy, tasty meal! I was impressed that Protein House doesn’t sacrifice flavor for nutrition. Check it out if you’re in the area.

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