Green Applesauce

Remember when I made that basic green juice? It’s great and all, but all the apple and spinach pulp make it kinda chunky. After letting my green juice sit in the blender for 5 minutes this morning, I discovered a use for all that pulp!

Green applesauce!

It’s so easy. Just let any green juice you make in the blender sit for a few minutes. The pulp will rise to the top while the liquid becomes clear below. Carefully pour out the bottom layer of juice and save the pulp. Once you’re done drinking your glass of green juice, enjoy the tasty pulp as a simple applesauce. This way none of the nutrients go to waste and you don’t have to drink a chunky juice.

1 green apple, quartered
1 big handful fresh spinach
1 tbs lemon juice
*optional* 1 cup water and 1 cup ice

1. Combine all ingredients in a high powered blender. The water and ice will create green juice AND applesauce. Omitting the water and ice will yield just applesauce, and it’s a little harder to blend this way. Blend on high setting until smooth.

2. If using water and ice, allow the mixture to sit in the blender for a few minutes until it separates. Carefully pour out the liquid into one glass and spoon the pulp layer off into another glass. Enjoy both!

This recipe is great for kids! The applesauce has a pretty green color, but doesn’t taste at all like like spinach.

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